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January 2017

Using IT initiatives to save money and reinforce green credentials

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Analyst Group Quocirca explains how organisations can use web data caching software to save money, and improve their green credentials.

Table Of Contents

  • An IT platform, in many cases, is still a wasteful environment. Applying certain simple, cost-effective and non-invasive soft- ware can result in big financial paybacks and markedly improve green credentials.
  • Data caching allows websites to load this relatively static data – text, images, videos – into stores that are closer to the user, and that can utilise faster volatile or non-volatile storage systems to improve performance.
  • As well as providing a much better user experience, this off-loading of the retrieving and presenting information to users also has other impacts, such as considerable cost savings, with lower licensing costs, fewer system administrators, lower power use and less datacentre space.

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