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Open source community sets out path to secure software

A 10-point plan to improve the security and resilience of open source software was presented this week at a summit in the US

Santander has so far moved 80% of IT infrastructure to cloud

Spanish banking giant Santander continues its journey into the cloud as it strives to be cloud native

Government levelling up bill promotes digital planning

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech includes proposals for digital planning powers to be given to local government in England and Wales, based on open data

Dublin datacentres warned of climate change-related flood risks

A 3D data visualisation map from Cervest shows large swathes of Dublin could be affected by climate change-related coastal flooding in the years to come, which could have big implications for the region's datacentres

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  • The limits and risks of backup as ransomware protection

    Backups can provide a sound means of recovery from ransomware infection, but they are not 100% certain to foil attackers. We look at the limits and risks of depending on backups

  • CPaaS – a technology for the future

    There is a received wisdom that as businesses flock towards the cloud, they are looking for a single platform on which to manage all their communication needs, leading to boom times ahead for communications platform as a service

  • How to retain cyber talent in the Great Resignation

    The cyber security industry is experiencing alarming rates of resignations, leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber attacks. How can we better retain cyber talent?

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