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Why is it so hard to fix the chip crisis?

Through subsidies and grants, the EU and the UK are focused on building out local chip manufacturing to alleviate semiconductor shortages

Legislation and certification of XR: challenges to the metaverse

Virtual and augmented reality may be changing the game, but such cutting-edge applications run ahead of many regulatory issues. How can the metaverse avoid uncertainties that could slow the adoption of XR and related enabling technologies?

Tech sector efforts to root out forced labour are failing

Digitally mapping supply chains to identify forced labour and slavery is no longer a technology problem for the IT sector, but a lack of government enforcement and corporate inaction are major barriers to effective change

Enterprise Wi-Fi 6E access points to more than treble by 2024

Wi-Fi 6E market set to flourish in next two years thanks to innovation and prospect of greatly improved throughput and latency rates

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