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Most Influential Women in UK Tech: The 2021 longlist

Each year, Computer Weekly publishes the longlist of all of the women put forward to be considered for its list of the top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech. Here are all of 2021’s nominees

DWP hit with £87.9m tax bill over IR35 status assessment errors

The Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) annual accounts highlight the challenges the public sector body has faced with implementing the IR35 reforms since they came into force in the public sector in April 2017

Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2021: The Hall of Fame

Each year Computer Weekly recognises several great women from the IT industry and their lifetime achievements in its Most Influential Women in UK Tech Hall of Fame

DNA storage promises 10 million x storage capacity boost

A datacentre that fits in the palm of your hand? However, right now, DNA storage is an expensive chemical process that researchers are trying to make a practical proposal

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