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COP26: Is the tech sector ready to rise to climate challenge?

There is growing recognition that the tech sector produces mountains of e-waste and consumes significant amounts of energy and natural resources

PAC report slams reliance on consulting at NHS Test and Trace

Consultants recruited to fill technical skills gaps on the NHS Test and Trace programme are expected to cost £300m amid concerns spend has gotten “out of hand”

The future is digital, so why is Britain’s strategy waterfall?

UK government policy is dominated by old, traditional attitudes – rather like the waterfall approach to IT projects. Unless policymaking adopts digital-style approaches, the UK is doomed to long-term decline

Interview: Identifying talent at Nasa using data science

David Meza, senior data scientist at Nasa, explains how the space agency is using data analytics and graph database technology to find, recruit and train the skilled people it needs

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