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Post Office’s settlement with subpostmasters in plain English

The legal settlement with subpostmaster victims of the Horizon scandal that the government and the Post Office say is “full and final” is anything but

The Secret IR Insider’s Diary – from Sunburst to DarkSide

From dealing with SolarWinds fallout to ransomware attacks, it’s been a busy few weeks for the Secret IR Insider, but they've picked up some new tricks along the way

London tech manifesto wants next mayor to support tech industry

The London tech manifesto, put together by several tech organisations, calls on the city’s next mayor to support tech companies, increase digital skills investment and tackle the lack of diversity in the sector

One-third of SAP customers feel pain of data skills shortage

Research from the SAP UK & Ireland User Group has demonstrated a data skills dearth among users and a delay in using the SAP Hana in-memory database until full S/4 Hana ERP implementations

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