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UK-Ireland frictionless border tech ‘far from ready’

The government has promised a frictionless UK-Ireland border, but currently technology only has the capacity to mitigate rather than eliminate friction, and the government’s technical advisory group on the border seems to be on hiatus

How managed threat hunting helps bust malicious insiders

Managed threat hunting services can help take some of the pressure off security operations centres and help ensure potential breaches don’t escalate into something far worse. We explore one such case with a happy ending

Managing datacentre engineers through Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has seen datacentre engineers reclassified as “essential workers”, but how are their employers ensuring they can continue to do their work in a safe and secure way?

Nominations open for Most Influential Women in UK Technology 2020

Computer Weekly is looking for nominations for its 2020 list of the most influential women in UK technology

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  • The impact of spycraft on how we secure our data

    The history of cyber security owes much to the world of espionage, as a recent, pre-lockdown Science Museum exhibition showed

  • The new future of work

    We may come to stop talking about ‘remote’ working altogether after the coronavirus pandemic. It could become just ‘working’ – part of the normal mix of how things are done

  • CISO stress – moving from recognition to action

    Cyber criminals are enjoying a boom during the Covid-19 pandemic, and security teams are working overtime as a result. How can security professionals manage their increased workload, safeguard their mental wellbeing and avoid burnout?

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