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Gig for victory: Addressing the stigma of the gig economy

As companies continue apace with digital transformation, the need for ad hoc tech workers is growing. But traditional contracting is giving way to the looser idea of ‘gigging’ – and not just for low-level roles

How retailers are innovating on delivery and fulfilment

Every retailer selling online in 2018 needs great shipping options for customers who have got used to an expanding list of choices. How are some retailers developing the proposition, and where does technology fit into the equation?

Tech won’t solve customs border issues, EU Committee finds

Tech won’t solve potential customs issues at the border post-Brexit, at least not in the short term, and especially not in case of no-deal Brexit, according to a House of Lords report

EU bid to curb server energy use splits datacentre industry

An EU-backed push to curb the European datacentre industry's collective energy use has proven to be a surprisingly divisive issue among stakeholders, as debate rages over the usefulness of using idle energy to determine the overall efficiency of ...

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