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Scottish Post Office scandal hearings raise further questions

Victims of the Post Office Horizon scandal in Scotland raise further questions about Post Office and government conduct

(ISC)² to train 100,000 cyber pros in UK

Security association (ISC)² unveils ambitious UK training programme

Investment in UK’s ‘cleantech’ sector hit new high in 2021

Investment in companies that make technologies designed to help society more sustainable is on the rise across Europe, and in the UK, too

Nokia and University of Technology Sydney unveil digital brewery

5G-connected microbrewery located in the Tech Lab of leading Australian educational establishment, which forms part of Industry 4.0 research facility, uses comms tech provider’s 5G backhaul connectivity solution and digital twin technology to ...

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  • Evolution of unified comms services

    Post-pandemic ways of working are forcing organisations to rethink their comms – we look at the growth in cloud-based services to support hybrid working

  • The limits and risks of backup as ransomware protection

    Backups can provide a sound means of recovery from ransomware infection, but they are not 100% certain to foil attackers. We look at the limits and risks of depending on backups

  • CPaaS – a technology for the future

    There is a received wisdom that as businesses flock towards the cloud, they are looking for a single platform on which to manage all their communication needs, leading to boom times ahead for communications platform as a service

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