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  • October 04, 2023 04 Oct'23

    ICO issues guidance on workplace surveillance

    Guidance on employee monitoring covers how employers can conduct their digital surveillance lawfully, transparently and fairly, and warns against businesses intruding on their workers’ private lives

  • October 03, 2023 03 Oct'23

    How Pure Storage is supporting AI workloads

    Pure Storage’s cloud-compatible and energy-efficient modular flash storage architecture is well-poised to address the data storage demands of artificial intelligence workloads

  • October 03, 2023 03 Oct'23

    IT decision-makers confident they can handle tech disruptions

    The majority of IT decision-makers polled in a recent survey have admitted their organisations has been adversely affected by IT failures

  • October 03, 2023 03 Oct'23

    Cyber experts urge EU to rethink vulnerability disclosure plans

    The European Union’s proposed cyber security vulnerability disclosure measures are well-intentioned but ultimately counterproductive, as making unmitigated vulnerabilities public knowledge increases the risk of their exploitation by various actors, ...

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