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  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    UK government ramps up efforts to regulate tech giants

    The Digital Markets Unit of the Competitions and Markets Authority aims to protect consumer privacy and lower barriers to entry for businesses

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    • 3 Key Capabilities that Enable IT to Deliver Remote Computing for the Long Run

      When the pandemic hit, most IT teams had to act fast to set up remote-work capabilities on a scale no one had planned for. Once that was accomplished, they were deluged with demands and requests from users who hadn’t been trained in the particulars of remote work. Now, six months in, IT teams are focusing on creating a remote-work environment that is more structured and efficient. See More

    • Plugging the Most Common Cyber Security Vulnerability in Remote Work

      Businesses of every kind had to scramble to improve their cyber security defenses after remote work became nearly ubiquitous, something that happened virtually overnight. Before the pandemic, most organisations had reasonably good security to protect traveling workers and the occasional remote employee, but a massive move to remote work changed the game. See More

    • PC Support Is Not Measuring Up as Work Is Transformed. Here’s a New Approach.

      In general, the pandemic-induced move to remote work has gone reasonably well. But providing technical support has come up short. A recent survey shows 33% of remote workers deal with tech support problems. None of this is the fault of IT teams, but they have been stuck with the responsibility of resolving all the issues. See More

    • Why Businesses Should Buy PCs for Remote Workers

      The massive switch to remote work prompted by the coronavirus pandemic quickly highlighted a severe shortcoming of not properly planning for a distributed workforce. Although they would prefer not to, IT teams have found themselves supporting a wide range of devices and software stacks, all with varying configurations, and usually without tools for remote management. See More

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  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    Algorithmic transparency obligations needed in public sector

    Public sector’s use of algorithms with social impacts needs to be more transparent to foster trust and hold organisations responsible for the negative outcomes their systems may produce, says report

  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    NI police unable to delete data seized unlawfully from journalists for 10 years

    The Police Service of Northern Ireland is unable to delete terabytes of unlawfully seized data taken from journalists who exposed police failings in the investigation of the Loughinisland sectarian murders

  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    Ericsson taps into industry momentum for network orchestration and automation

    Swedish comms tech provider rides the wave of orchestration and automation systems supporting cloud-native functions and orchestrating services across domains, from the edge to private and public cloud

  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    Government pumps £20m into AI research projects

    Alan Turing Institute’s artificial intelligence (AI) research fellows will receive funding for 15 projects including using AI to detect cancer and improve the performance of virtual personal assistants

  • November 27, 2020 27 Nov'20

    Spending Review commits £32m to Accounts

    Government Digital Service’s Accounts project will allow people to sign into government services online and get a personalised experience tailored to their needs