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As businesses call for greater agility from their IT investments, software developers are required to create applications that are inherently flexible, open and adaptable to changing needs. Techniques such as agile programming and service-oriented architecture (SOA) are increasingly important, and the choice between developer tools such as Java and .Net, or IDEs such as Eclipse or others, is more critical than ever. Read the latest news and analysis about software development tools and how to maintain a successful development strategy.

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  • Do the right thing

    A recent study has put a spotlight on a worrying trend in software development. Open source project maintainers are not being paid for their work. Or, if they do get paid, on average, they can ... Continue Reading

  • Throwback Thursday – Data governance in software testing

    Data and information governance is extremely important today, perhaps even more so than it was in 2008, when Freeform Dynamics ran a study looking at what was being done to enhance capability in ... Continue Reading

  • API Daze

    Earlier this week, the US Supreme Court ruled that Google did not infringe Oracle copyright on the Java SE API (application programming edition). The fact the US Supreme Court has digested a load ... Continue Reading

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