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Enterprise software covers a wide range of vital IT management decisions, from operating systems to databases, from business applications to integration and middleware. Your software purchasing and development strategy is central to delivering successful IT systems, and we examine the products and trends that help IT managers make the right choices for their organisation.

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  • What is a software ‘connector’?

    Open source news to end the week looks to the somewhat incongruous connection between Menlo Park California and Helsinki -- it can only be MariaDB Corporation with that HQ combo. Updates to end ... Continue Reading

  • Multi-model databases are more juicy

    It sounds like a brand of orange juice… and its community edition is written in C++, but actually ArangoDB is a native multi-model database. ArangoDB Community Edition is available under ... Continue Reading

  • Anyone for IT-tea?

    The Computer Weekly Developer Network (CWDN) team recently got to meet with enterprise applications company IFS at its Sri Lanka headquarters in Colombo. The meetings were designed to explore the ... Continue Reading

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