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Organisations, both public and private, are turning to cloud computing applications, as they move their infrastructure to the cloud. Find out about SaaS and PaaS through news, features and expert advice. Learn how organisations are managing the complexity of hybrid cloud and on-premise applications, as well as private and public cloud applications.

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  • Positive Reinvention

    It’s a truism that IT essentially reinvents itself every decade or so. In some ways this can be rightly seen as a cynical way to repackage the same old tosh and sell it again to IT ... Continue Reading

  • Sunny Weather Cutting Through The Clouds

    One thing that is also clearly understood is that, even with an outsourced, “in the Ether” service, such as a public/private cloud, the EMEA market – with its geo-cultural fragmentation – is a very ... Continue Reading

  • The road to hybrid cloud

    Many organisations are already some way along their journey to cloud computing. No matter where you are on this journey - whether still thinking about it or well on the way - finding a source of ... Continue Reading

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