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The PC is still the most important technology for accessing corporate IT systems, even as its form changes from desktops to laptops, netbooks and thin clients. We examine the latest PC hardware trends and technologies and the developments that IT managers need to know for planning their strategy.

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  • Terminal Velocity

    Back in the early days of business computing, operators accessed the back-end system - such as a mainframe or minicomputer - via a green screen terminal. Terminals were disposable devices. No one ... Continue Reading

  • Do you feel trapped by Microsoft?

    Thoughts on loosening Redmond’s grip on your business I started thinking about reducing my company’s dependency on Microsoft a few years ago. Contributing factors were frustration with the ... Continue Reading

  • Has Windows 11 strengthened the case for Chromebooks?

    I was left with two overriding thoughts following Microsoft’s recent launch of Windows 11 and the Windows 365 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) proposition. My first thought was positive and pragmatic. ... Continue Reading

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