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Deciding where and how to build and operate a datacentre is one of the most important decisions your organisation will make. This section covers how to build a solid datacentre infrastructure, including selecting the right location to build your new facility, best practices for designing a new datacentre, and cooling and air flow techniques. Learn about green IT, data management systems, servers and operating systems.

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  • A PC in the cloud

    It was going to happen sooner or later. While many regarded Chromebooks as devices merely fit for less intensive computing tasks, they have shown Microsoft and the PC industry a different approach ... Continue Reading

  • Cloud - Infrastructure - Security - SASE - Discuss!

    Over the past 12 months, I’ve regularly talked about sassy SASE in this blog. But I’m not the only one. A recent Netevents interactive debate had several vendors debating SASE as part of a general ... Continue Reading

  • IT As Marriage Guidance Counsellor...

    In my last blog, I spoke about the need to get immediate access to network behaviour patterns, in order to detect anomalies. An extension of that need is the ability to make instant use of that ... Continue Reading

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