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With the volumes of digital data used by businesses growing at exponential rates, having the right information management and database software becomes key to corporate decision-making. While established products such as Oracle, DB2 and Informix remain widely used, open source alternatives such as MySQL and Ingres offer potential alternatives for IT managers. We examine the issues around choosing the right products and strategies for your organisation.

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  • Database DevOps, it’s now ‘a thing’

    There’s DevOps and there’s DevSecOps -- heck, come to think of it there’s even DevLoBDOps (Developer Line of Business Database Operations). Of all the DevOps subsets, Microsoft SQL Server tools ... Continue Reading

  • 2018 is a graph-shaped year

    This is a guest blogpost by Neo4j’s CEO Emil Eifrem, in which he says graph databases are about to grow up Graph technology has come a long way: from financial fraud detection in the Panama and ... Continue Reading

  • Data pipelines need love too

    Hitachi has aligned its data analytics divisions and and fused it with its Pentaho acquisition to call the new entity Hitachi Vantara. So... Vantara… kind of sounds like ‘advantage’ with a bit of ... Continue Reading

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