From groundfrost to cloud, Cohesity puts SmartFiles on Snowflake

Data management matters, whether the process involved with locking down its existence are executed in the permafrost (on-premises) or in the frozen mists of the troposphere (cloud) as they circle our data universe.

Given the (some would say metric, or at least healthy) rise of Snowflake as the self-style Data Cloud company (a product term that it has officially branded), we have seen an increasing number of vendors align their own products, protocols, tools and trinkets to the Snowflake platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered data management company Cohesity is the latest vendor to get some extra Snowflake proximity.

The company has this month come forward with Cohesity SmartFiles on the Snowflake Data Cloud. 

As TechTarget’s Johnny Yu explained at the time of its launch in 2019, “By migrating files from NAS systems, Cohesity SmartFiles can free space on the files’ original servers. The files are deduplicated on the Cohesity DataPlatform, where users can run global searches. Applications from Cohesity Marketplace for tasks such as antivirus and anomalous access detection run directly on the platform.”

This new Snowflake integration is intended to help organisations to draw down analytics from their on-premises and cloud data while maintaining data sovereignty and compliance requirements. 

“Snowflake recognises the critical importance of providing customers with advanced data security and management while mining their data for strategic insights,” said Kit Beall, chief revenue officer, Cohesity. “As a leader in AI-powered enterprise data security and management, we seek partners equally dedicated to the secure storage and management of customer data. That is why we are delighted to partner with Snowflake to continue delivering innovative and secure solutions that our customers can confidently rely on.”

By using the Snowflake Data Cloud, Cohesity (somewhat grandly) says it is joining Snowflake in ‘mobilising the world’s data’ to help organisations reap the benefits of their analytics capabilities without having to move their data to the cloud for analysis. 

With Cohesity SmartFiles, joint customers can store their data locally in SmartFiles and use Snowflake’s analytics capabilities with the flexibility to keep data either on-premises or in the cloud. 

This integration provides users with broader access and choice while allowing them to adhere to strict internal policies.

Cohesity SmartFiles augments customers’ cloud-native Snowflake Data Cloud to include on-premises repositories and extends secure access to sensitive local data records. Cohesity SmartFiles also provides a secure platform for consolidating application data that is designed to improve storage efficiency and reduce the overall cost of ownership for local Snowflake repositories.

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