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  • Towards a joined-up Cybersecurity Policy

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 29 Aug 2019
  • It is not enough to have policies that satisfy the conflicting requirements of the EU and US for data protection, including notification to attract fraudsters to the victims of a breach, like ...

  • From Action Fraud to Action Plans

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 19 Aug 2019
  • 1 Action Fraud had an impossible task The Times undercover investigation at Action Fraud  has led to a rash of publicity, both tabloid  and professional . The only surprise is that it has taken so ...

  • A new look at the Cybersecurity Skills Market

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 13 Aug 2019
  • Hence the need to address the cyberskills for justice and deterrence , not just those for cyberwarfare, protection and surveillance. And the more widespread those skills, the more dangerous the ...

  • The restructuring of digital markets has begun

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 29 Jul 2019
  • Change is accelerating, making attempts to predict the future in order to regulate it ever more impractical - although that does not appear to stop some regulators from trying.

  • How long before the shareholders break up BT?

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 20 Jul 2019
  • The BT share price looks set to drift down to under a £pound. That would leave it unable to invest other than from cash flows and Government subsidies. It would also be unsaleable because of the ...

  • Help set the forward agenda for Schools and Skills

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 15 Jul 2019
  • Current UK digital skills policy is disjointed and unsustainable. Help set the agenda for harnessing our native talent instasd of relying on imported skills.

  • Why I will be voting for Jeremy Hunt

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 02 Jul 2019
  • Three years ago I blogged on why I made the mistake of voting Remain. I would still prefer the UK to be a member of a reformed, multi-track, democratically accountable European Union. But that is ...