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  • How AIOps is changing the face of modern IT operations

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 15 Sep 2021
  • This is a guest post by Richard Gerdis, vice-president for Asia-Pacific at LogicMonitor IT teams in Asia are under nonstop pressure to work faster and deliver better results – with fewer employees ...

  • The people factor: ensuring the right balance of tech and talent

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 16 Jul 2021
  • This is a guest post by Ryan Meyer, APAC managing director of General Assembly Businesses of all kinds and sizes have embraced the notion of digital transformation, especially as the global ...

  • Tech in APAC - June 2021

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 02 Jul 2021
  • In this edition of Tech in APAC, we begin with Australia, where we had the chance to interview the chief data officer of Macquarie Bank who shared some interesting insights on how the bank is ...

  • Tech in APAC - November 2020

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 01 Dec 2020
  • Welcome to our last edition of Tech in APAC for the year. One of our key stories in November was a piece we did on Snowflake, which made its debut in September on Wall Street as the biggest ...

  • Tech in APAC - October 2020

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 11 Nov 2020
  • In this edition of Tech in APAC, we cover the top news headlines in the region for the month of October. Early in the month, we published an interview piece with Joe Beda, one of the co-creators of ...

  • Securing Australia’s distributed workforce

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 23 Oct 2020
  • This is a guest post by Tom Kellermann, head of cyber security strategy at VMware Carbon Black 2020 has been a year like no other. The global pandemic has quickly changed work and business as we ...

  • Tech in APAC - September 2020

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 07 Oct 2020
  • In this edition of Tech on APAC, we’ll cover the top news headlines in the region for the month of September, starting with a notable win by Microsoft in Australia’s cloud market. In mid-September, ...

  • The race to get data analytics right

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 28 Sep 2020
  • This is a guest post by Sunil Chavan, vice-president for FlashBlade at Pure Storage Asia-Pacific & Japan In evolutionary theory, the red queen hypothesis suggests that species must constantly ...