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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

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  • God save the sysadmin

    Alex Scroxton - Security Editor 22 Sep 2022
  • From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Welcome Charlie and Camilla Dear all, Hope you all had a great weekend and as I always like to say, are ready to get back at IT! LOL ...

  • If you smell what the DCMS is cooking

    Ryan Priest 07 Sep 2022
  • The Liz Truss era is upon us, and while you might expect us to indulge in the kind of trite banter you’ve seen elsewhere online – an observation that real-life politics is very much imitating that ...

  • Netflix sawed us coming

    Ryan Priest 21 Jul 2022
  • As the cost of living crisis continues to see families struggle to afford food and essential utilities, please also spare a thought for multinational media streaming company Netflix, which has lost ...

  • The silence of the Lamda

    Ryan Priest 16 Jun 2022
  • For as long as embarrassingly crude iterations of the AI chatbot have existed, we’ve yearned for someone to come along and get it right. We should have known that as soon as that happened, the ...

  • Ringo’s token gesture

    Ryan Priest 31 May 2022
  • Liam Payne. John Terry. Melania Trump. Just three of high society’s most cherished names to have monetised their devoted fans with NFT investment opportunities so far. But to any celebs reading ...

  • Send Mark to Coventry

    Ryan Priest 20 May 2022
  • An exhibition at the UK City of Culture festival in Coventry has this month been offering attendees the chance to see the city through the eyes of one of its late-1980s clubbers, via the ...

  • Vorsprung durch Netflix

    Ryan Priest 21 Apr 2022
  • Proposed Highway Code updates have paved the way for it being legal to watch TV while using self-driving cars. “The Highway Code has been updated a number of times in recent years to reflect the ...

  • You’ve just crossed over into the Dyson Zone

    Ryan Priest 31 Mar 2022
  • Dyson has ventured into the headphones market the only way that seems fit: with a chunky, magnetic, air-purifying face mask upgrade that’s arrived two years too late. “The Dyson Zone purifies the ...

  • The diarrhoea of a CEO

    Ryan Priest 02 Mar 2022
  • We wanted to extend our apologies to Diary of a CEO podcast host Steven Bartlett for our recent criticism of his role in the increasingly exploitative NFT industry, due to him soon after pledging ...

  • You say aroma, I say agora

    Ryan Priest 21 Feb 2022
  • Whether you’re an early adopter, a latecomer to the party, or a no-comer, you’ll surely be familiar with the grid of green, yellow and black squares popping up all over social media associated with ...

  • Blamin’ Ek

    Ryan Priest 03 Feb 2022
  • The White House has welcomed Swedish audio streaming giant Spotify’s decision to add advisory warnings to any content discussing Covid-19 – namely The Joe Rogan Experience, in light of the recent ...

  • Mr 500,000 Chips

    Ryan Priest 26 Jan 2022
  • We recently saw a TikTok of the new guy on Dragons’ Den explaining the virtues of obtaining enough money to own a private jet: to maximise the number of what he refers to as his 500,000 chips – the ...

  • Live from the Lord Moon of the Mall (Pt. III)

    Ryan Priest 14 Dec 2021
  • Matt Baker once asked David Cameron, “How on earth do you sleep at night?” But for Matt Hancock, a big cup of Horlicks usually sees him spark out by eight o’clock. By nine, he’s stumbling into his ...

  • Prime suspect

    Ryan Priest 10 Nov 2021
  • Jeff Bezos was jiffy-bagging copies of William Shakespeare’s plays around the time Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in the leading role for the 1996 Hollywood film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Bring ...

  • Fully automated luxury community guidelines

    Ryan Priest 28 Oct 2021
  • Novara Media has become the latest media outlet to have its YouTube channel removed from the website without warning or any kind of explanation. But just like Talkradio, a channel on the other end ...