Ringo’s token gesture

Liam Payne. John Terry. Melania Trump. Just three of high society’s most cherished names to have monetised their devoted fans with NFT investment opportunities so far.

But to any celebs reading this, be warned: it’s not as easy as it looks. It requires a certain track record of contempt for the great unwashed to see this diabolical scheme through – and preferably some pre-made doodles ready to fart out (saves on the graphic designer). Earlier this month, Ringo Starr took a look at that criteria and simply said: No problem, baby!

In what is the lowest moment for the remaining Beatles since Paul McCartney got in a car with James Corden, Ringo has rolled back into town to tank his reputation with a series of mortifyingly bad art pieces – so bad that we honestly had to glance at a calendar – to be flogged in a virtual gallery reminiscent of Windows 95’s 3D maze screensaver.

The auction house putting this together has named the collection The creative mind of a Beatle, which to be fair to them is an undeniable fact, if not a slippery slope. Based on that logic, it would feel like a no-brainer to, say, invest in the creative mind of a Happy Monday should Bez ever decide to get into cryptocurrency.

For Ringo’s part, he claims in the promotional video that it’s important to be in control of how your art is shared and appreciated. Well, we’re afraid to say that unless his wish is for us to freely mock a licensed stock image of him, grinning next to what looks like something produced by a robot that’s been thrown down a flight of stairs, the creative mind of a Beatle is going to be disappointed.

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