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  • E-Zine 20 Feb 2024

    Flying into cloud – EasyJet’s journey out of the datacentre to AI

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out how EasyJet fills an aircraft every 10 seconds while migrating to the cloud and introducing AI. There’s only 283 years to go until we have a diverse IT workforce – we find out why. And we examine how the UK anti-trust investigation into the cloud market could hit the big hyperscalers. Read the issue now. Continue Reading

  • News 14 Feb 2024

    Met Police to scrap and replace ‘racist’ Gangs Violence Matrix

    A database used by the Metropolitan Police to identify and track people linked with gang violence is being decommissioned and replaced. The decision follows a long-running controversy over its discriminatory impacts on young black people, but campaigners warn that racial discrimination will persist with new tool Continue Reading

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