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Datto CEO talks of increased support for partners post-IPO

MSP specialist plans to beef up its engineers, product and support staff after becoming a public company

5G offers the channel a chance to challenge networking status quo

A serious alternative to the existing approach to connectivity is coming in the form of 5G, which should result in channel opportunities

Third quarter was a stonker for laptops

Evidence of a resurgence in the hardware market continues with the latest quarterly analysis from Context

Dell boosts as a service approach with Apex

Vendor reveals details of Project Apex and its plans to provide a more consistent as a service approach for partners

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  • There is no one-size-fits-all

    Vendors would like to think that they understand partners but as Billy MacInnes points out that is a hard challenge when so many are different from each other

  • It’s not personal

    Billy MacInnes shares a few thoughts on the industry’s love of the word ‘consumer’

  • Unravelling encryption

    Nigel Thorpe, technical director at SecureAge explores the myths and mis-selling of encryption and explains why it’s all about the data

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