Siu in court

Cristiano Ronaldo has chased his pearl-clutching condemnation of Manchester United’s unbridled marketing drive with the announcement of his own NFT collection.

The preening Ozymandias of football is only the latest example of unregulated crypto’s insidious invasion, something The Athletic’s Joey D’Urso attributes to it being “the cheapest way of reaching young men, who form the bulk of buyers”.

The likes of Cristiano’s friend, Jordan Peterson, may well weep and squeak against the idea of the Pessi generation requiring any form of introspection ever – those are also his punters, after all – but we’re not sure that necessarily makes it untrue.

Our only hope now is that this macho, neoliberal cyber hellscape can be detoxified by the honest magic of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

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