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  • That don’t impress Ma much

    Ryan Priest 11 Sep 2019
  • Over to Hangzhou now, where the richest man in China has thrown himself the mother of all retirement bashes by performing in front of an audience of 60,000 employees. Alibaba founder Jack Ma donned ...

  • The wrong trainers

    Ryan Priest 05 Sep 2019
  • Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re as jittery about living in a future of wearable technology as the next milquetoast loser. Some nights we can’t even sleep due to the nagging noughties fear that our ...

  • Don’t upset the Apple Card

    Ryan Priest 28 Aug 2019
  • Apple has reiterated its searing contempt for the hoi polloi that uses its products by releasing a physical credit card you’re not supposed to put in your wallet. The titanium card is, in Apple’s ...

  • God is a fridge

    Ryan Priest 15 Aug 2019
  • A teenage girl has turned to her family’s smart fridge in a desperate quest to reach Twitter followers, after her mum confiscated her electronic devices one by one. The 15-year-old, known to her ...

  • 8chan history

    Ryan Priest 07 Aug 2019
  • As we watched a former porn site merchant’s video statement, him sat there in front of a Benjamin Franklin backdrop to the sound of a military bugle call, defending 8chan’s white supremacist ...

  • Welcome to Limmy’s Twitch

    Ryan Priest 02 Aug 2019
  • Amazon-owned live video streaming platform Twitch has lost one of its biggest stars to Microsoft-owned rival site Mixer, but rather than lament the departure of Ninja, one clandestine member of the ...

  • Apologising with Nick Clegg

    Ryan Priest 26 Jul 2019
  • Nick Clegg – Sir Nick to you – continues to flourish as Facebook’s hired appeaser, most recently resurfacing from his Atherton mansion with a sound bite about how his employer was “rocked to its ...

  • Let us troll

    Ryan Priest 11 Jul 2019
  • This month saw the Church of England release its own Digital charter, intended to improve the online community’s “common sense, kindness and sound judgement”. Now, you can sit there and have a go ...

  • Buffer load stance

    Ryan Priest 03 Jul 2019
  • Neneh Cherry’s Glastonbury performance gained some unexpected attention from the tech world at this year’s festival, after the laptop playing the evergreen singer’s backing visuals crashed and ...

  • Toronto adapters

    Ryan Priest 26 Jun 2019
  • Toronto residents are grappling with a quandary posed by the plans of Google sister company Sidewalk Labs to build a smart city on its eastern waterfront. It’s always fun to learn about Google’s ...

  • Puss in briefs

    Ryan Priest 19 Jun 2019
  • A Pakistani politician has played down the embarrassment of one of his briefings being streamed live to Facebook with the cat filter on. “The cat filter was turned on by mistake,” said Shaukat ...

  • Some reflections on Black Mirror

    Ryan Priest 13 Jun 2019
  • The fifth series of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series Black Mirror landed on Netflix this month, and we were surprised to find it’s moved away from making terrifying technology predictions to ...

  • No tunes left to buy

    Ryan Priest 07 Jun 2019
  • The absorption of iTunes as we know it into three new entertainment apps – Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV – has sent us down yet another nostalgic rabbit hole. It’s the app we’ve come to ...

  • The Psyduck of sleep

    Ryan Priest 29 May 2019
  • The Pokémon Company has revealed its development of Pokémon Sleep, an app that will track players’ sleeping time and incorporate the data into its gameplay. In his quest to make sleep entertaining, ...

  • Amazon vs Amazon

    Ryan Priest 22 May 2019
  • What happens when the Amazon rainforest, globally cherished as the lungs of the planet, asks a company that named itself after it not to enjoy exclusive use of the .amazon domain extension? Where ...