A sitemap for sore eyes

When Dominic Cummings wasn’t using his press conference to brag about how many trees his dad has, you can bet he was going on about being into viruses before anyone else.

The thing is, deep down, he’s just an ordinary bloke. That makes him liable to get caught doing ordinary bloke things, like editing old blog posts to make it look like he predicted Covid-19 last year.

We don’t know much about sitemaps. We don’t really have a clue what we’re looking at, to be honest. But we understand the document tree for Cummings’ website is far less forgiving than his dad’s more traditional, literal ones – and it’s got him bang to rights.

The timestamp of the edit reveals he made it on the night he got back from his family break to Durham, his mind no doubt brimming with ideas after a long drive on those oddly quiet roads.

We won’t report the actual added quote from his blog like the fact-checking jobsworth media class his fans so despise. We’ll make one up instead, and edit it at a later date should Cummings’ solicitors inform us only he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.

“Next year I think people will get ill from something called Covid-19 and it will be very sad,” wrote Cummings in his edited 2019 blog post. “It will hurt your eyes a lot and only the magic castle will make them feel nice again.” All sounds a bit childish, if you ask us.

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