God save the sysadmin

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Welcome Charlie and Camilla

Dear all,

Hope you all had a great weekend and as I always like to say, are ready to get back at IT! LOL

I have to start with some sad news this week, which is that as some of you know by now, Lizzie has moved on from the team. She’d been with us for yonks and will be really missed. She was always willing to go above and beyond and I know we all appreciated how she stepped up to do what was needed to get important projects over the line. Those who have been with us for a while will remember her contributions to our Jubilee upgrades, how she gamely took charge after the fire at our Windsor datacentre, and of course Operation Fiat Uno. I myself travelled with Lizzie to various user conferences around the world and have some tales to tell of the shenanigans that went on in various hotel bars. We will all fondly remember Lizzie, and her collection of corgi figurines. God bless ya.

Of course, this means we will have to deactivate her Office 365 access and rescind her credentials for the team Slack channel. Kate and Will, can I delegate that to you please? I will also need you to deprecate all instances of Queen version 19.52. Cheers in advance.

We also have a couple of new users joining the family this week, and I’d like to welcome Charlie and Camilla to Team IT. Charlie and Camilla are both internal transfers from the Clarence House office so I’m sure they’ll hit the ground running here, but we do run a few services that they’ll be unfamiliar with. Charlie will need King 3.0 access and I’d also like if they could be set up on Born2Rule and Gin if poss. They’ll need Salesforce as well.

They will also need to go through the mandatory security training but that will only take two minutes because I wrote it myself in PowerPoint and nobody gives a toss about it. I know it’s just going through the motions but if we could get that done sooner rather than later though, we don’t want a repeat of the Diana incident. Talk about insider threat!

I’d also like to shout out Harry and Meghan, for all their hard work accessing Andrew’s dodgy hard drive. I know it was a job just to wipe the sweat stains off it so we really appreciate the effort (kidding, Andy!). If you can respond off-thread to let me know what you found there, that would be best.

Cheers lads!

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