Vorsprung durch Netflix

Proposed Highway Code updates have paved the way for it being legal to watch TV while using self-driving cars.

“The Highway Code has been updated a number of times in recent years to reflect the rapidly changing transport world we live in, and these latest additions will help us all understand what we must and must not do as we move forward to an environment where cars drive themselves,” said Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation.

To which we say: get on with it, then.

Our childhood faith in the promised technological advances of the future was so strong that it never occurred to us to watch how our parents worked the car. We didn’t dream we’d ever have to operate one ourselves.

Now, at last, the wait for self-driving cars is almost over, and the fact we lost our roaring 20s to purely rail and bus travel out of the sheer principle of refusing to use crude pedals and levers to get around means we intend to live out our remaining years as an electrohead.

Did anyone see Top Gear last night, by the way? Love those guys.

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