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February 2023

Beginner's guide to Internet of Things

Sponsored by TechTarget

The adoption of the internet of things (IoT) in Asia-Pacific has accelerated over the past few years, spurred by growing digitalisation across the region and the desire to improve business processes. According to a study by Omdia, 38.9 billion IoT devices are forecast to be in circulation in Asia-Pacific by 2030. These devices are being used in a swathe of IoT applications, from tracking delivery trolleys in New Zealand to automating agriculture in Singapore. In this e-guide, learn more about IoT developments across the region and how to leverage the technology to drive business outcomes.

Table Of Contents

  • IoT applications and examples in business
  • Top advantages and disadvantages of IoT in business
  • How Bosch is driving Industry 4.0 in India
  • Thinxtra teams up with Hong Kong’s LBS on smart hygiene
  • NZ glassmaker taps IoT to track delivery trolleys
  • How IoT and machine learning are automating agriculture

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