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June 2017

The human side of DevOps

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Establishing a collaborative, communicative and – ultimately – empathetic working environment is considered critical in any attempt to make DevOps take hold within an organisation. DevOps practitioners often claim taking care of the technology side of the continuous delivery equation is nothing compared to getting the people part of it right, as agile-inspired processes often require IT teams to adapt to very different ways of working. Indeed, the transition to a DevOps culture usually requires a major reorganisation of the IT department, whereby the traditional silos developers and operations staff are used to working in are broken down to create cross-functional teams. This can create conflict in the early days, as people adjust to who does what and adjust to the shift in roles and responsibilities this gives rise to, and make it a struggle to get any agile ambitions a company has off the ground. In this e-guide, we’ll share best practice and real-world examples of organisations who have successfully addressed the human side of DevOps.

Table Of Contents

  • DevOps done right: Creating a collaborative and supportive business culture
  • DevOps done right: Why work-life balance matters to digital transformation success
  • HumanOps: Etsy on how unclear workplace expectations contribute to staff burnout
  • HumanOps calls for improved working conditions for infrastructure operations staff
  • Agile unlocked: Pivotal uses paired programming and PaaS to bolster cloud app development

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