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December 2017

Personal branding in the digital age

This chapter from Francine Beleyi’s book, “Personal branding in the digital age”, explains the seven key pillars you need to build a successful personal brand.

Table Of Contents

What does it take to thrive in the digital age as a professional, expert or business owner?

A decade ago, author Francine Beleyi became obsessed with these questions as she left her corporate job to start her consultancy:

• Why are some people constantly given lucrative opportunities and are advancing their career or business when other perhaps more qualified people are struggling?

• How to identify and package the unique value you can offer to others?

• How do you build credibility as an expert in your chosen specialty and attract lucrative opportunities rather than chase them?

If you’ve ever wanted a simple roadmap to build an influential personal brand and live a more rewarding life, the book Personal branding in the digital age: How to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world is for you.

Download this chapter: Seven pillars to create an influential personal brand. It includes link to free resources, training and support.

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