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January 2016

OpenStack: The essential guide

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This guide looks at how OpenStack Cinder, OpenStack Swift and OpenStack Manila handle storage, and weighs up how OpenStack compares to VMware

About The Author

Antony Adshead - Storage Editor

Antony Adshead is the Storage editor at Computer Weekly.Read More

Table Of Contents

  • OpenStack Cinder: Block storage on the open-source cloud platform – OpenStack Cinder 101: The fundamentals of Cinder, how it is implemented, how to provision it, how it works with third-party storage arrays, its features and more
  • OpenStack Swift 101: The object store for OpenStack apps – We run the rule over the OpenStack Swift object storage architecture, its key components, how it achieves resiliency, and the data protection methods in use and development
  • OpenStack Manila: File access storage for the open-source cloud – OpenStack Manila is the file level access method in development by the open-source cloud platform. What is it, how does it work and when will it be ready?
  • VMware vs OpenStack: How they handle storage – The opportunities and challenges presented by the two virtualisation environments when it comes to storage, backup and disaster recovery

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