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April 2017

Next step app development: Microservices

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Adopting a microservices approach to application development is increasingly considered an essential part of any bid to modernise the legacy IT setup an organisation relies on. The process sees organisations move away from developing large, monolithic applications in favour of developing ones that are built using a series of building blocks containing the code and operating environment needed to deliver a specific feature or functionality. Each of these building blocks independently contribute towards the working of the overall application, allowing developers to update the code contained within each one without necessarily affecting the wider workings of the application itself. In this e-guide, we take a closer look at what microservices are, the technologies that complement and enhance their use, and get a first-hand insight into the impact their use can have on an organisation’s IT strategy and setup.

Table Of Contents

  • What are containers and microservices?
  • Divide and conquer in software architecture
  • How to start building enterprise momentum for microservices
  • Troubleshooting microservices performance problems
  • Case study: Trinity Mirror Group taps into cloud, agile and microservices to boost web user experience

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