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April 2017

NVMe flash storage 101

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Flash storage is already much faster than spinning disk, but with the advent of NVMe – a new standard based on PCIe – flash could achieve a potential that has so far eluded it. NVMe is a storage protocol designed for the performance and characteristics of flash and will replace the SAS and SATA protocols that were developed for spinning disk and currently act as a bottleneck to solid state drives. It is, however, early days. So far, NVMe can be deployed without complications in limited scenarios, but the tech industry is fast developing ways of implementing NVMe that will see shared storage arrays with the blistering performance of flash NVMe.

Table Of Contents

  • Storage briefing: NVMe vs SATA and SAS
  • NVMe over fabrics vs Fibre Channel, Ethernet, Infiniband
  • NVMe: PCIe card vs U.2 and M.2
  • NVMe gives "shared DAS" as an answer for analytics; but raises questions too

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