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February 2017

Focus: Women in IT

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Diversity has been an issue in the IT industry for a long time, and the number of women choosing IT for a career has been stagnant over the last few years. Many firms have been trying to shift the dial to increase the number of women they have in their technology remit, but the number of women in tech has stayed steadfast at around 16%. This guide offers a collection of articles highlighting some of the prominent issues surrounding increasing the number of women in the IT industry, as well as some of the solutions that will help increase the number of women in the IT industry proposed by those on the front line. Maggie Philbin, the 2016 winner of the Computer Weekly Most Influential Woman in UK IT award talks about increasing technology diversity across the pipeline, and self-proclaimed geek Sue Black discusses how the number of women in technology has fluctuated since the 80s. These articles encompass how the industry as a whole is trying to tackle a lack of diversity in the technology sector, and how it hopes the gender landscape will look in the future.

Table Of Contents

  • Everywoman Forum 2017: Diversity, digital and the impact on the working world
  • Closing the tech gender gap requires a shift in culture
  • Focus on diversity, not gender, says most influential woman in UK IT 2016
  • Women in technology – the shifting gender landscape
  • Tech is trendy now but hasn’t always been, says Techmums founder

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