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Focus: Open source

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Open source used to be an alternative to commercial off –the-shelf software. Today, the largest commercial software providers are big supporters of open source technologies. Enterprises are finding their software stacks increasingly rely on open source components, and developers have access to extensive open source repositories, which they can draw on to help them produce code more efficiently or to work around a particular technical problem they may have. Some enterprises are also contributing code back, supporting open source development, while at the same time, enabling a wide pool of open source developers to improve the code. Some companies are also starting to use open source to foster interest and develop a community to bolster their digitally-enabled product strategies.

Table Of Contents

  • How the Met Office is handling a deluge of data
  • Open source storage hits the mainstream
  • How to avoid technical debt in open source communities
  • Case study: ClickMechanic uses GitHub to streamline coding to production
  • Case study: Ocado Technology releases on-premise mesh datacentre as open source

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