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April 2017

Focus: Network security

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During the course of 2016 we saw the clamour around network security – which was already very loud – reach fever pitch. From allegations of nation state-level interference in crucial elections, to massive botnet attacks that brought down critical online services for millions, network security dominated mainstream news cycles for weeks on end. All of this adds up to a real problem for hard-worked network managers, who are coming under more and more pressure to maintain the everyday running of the enterprise network while protecting it from multiple different threats to its well-being. One mistake could bring an entire business down for days, and in some cases, this can prove fatal. In this guide we will explore some of the key themes driving enterprise network security initiatives, from how to protect and monitor day-to-day activity on the network, to tips on how to defend it from malicious external attackers, and the effect that emerging networking technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and software-defined networking (SDN) will have on enterprise network security, and how to adapt to face these changing realities.

Table Of Contents

  • Cloud, AI and security driving network monitoring industry
  • Security Think Tank: Look to security best practices to secure DNS
  • The shape of things to come – advanced networking security for the IoT
  • How software-defined networking can secure critical systems

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