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June 2017

Focus ASEAN: Artificial Intelligence

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Just decades ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was limited to the realm of science fiction, awaiting the potent mix of huge pools of data and cheap, readily accessible supercomputing power to unleash its true potential. That day has arrived. More than just technology buzzwords, AI and machine learning today are augmenting human abilities, enabling us to better harness our innate creativity to solve complex problems and discover new ways of doing things. In this e-guide, find out how financial institutions are using AI-powered chatbots to serve customers, what AI means for the future of work and how one Singapore-based startup is using declassified military methodologies to produce data-driven insights.

Table Of Contents

  • Singapore bank offers online chat banking
  • SAP pushes deeper into machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence critical to business growth
  • And more...

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