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November 2016

Deloitte CIO survey 2016-2017 – UK Edition

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Download Deloitte’s 2016-2021 CIO survey to discover how CIOs can deliver value and impact to their organisations.

Table Of Contents

  • CIOs are not limited by personality traits or work styles. They can control their careers — and their legacies — by nurturing required leadership competencies and IT capabilities and make an indelible impact on their teams and businesses.
  • CIOs can’t build their legacies alone. The IT capabilities, teams and talent that CIOs develop play a fundamental role in their legacies. To succeed, CIOs need to engage, attract, invest in, and retain talent and skill sets.
  • CIOs should collaborate with other leaders to define “digital” based on their business context. They should acknowledge their role as drivers of the organisation’s digital transformation, demonstrate leadership, and exert influence over future business needs and strategy.

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