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September 2016

Application Modernisation: The Essential Guide

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One of the emerging trends is to engineer applications using microservices. Such an approach promotes developing and deploying applications that are composed of independent, autonomous, modular, self-contained units. This is fundamentally different from the way traditional, monolithic applications are designed, developed, deployed and managed. A microservices architecture means software development teams can rapidly update individual microservices without disrupting other parts of the application. In this guide, we look at how distributed systems have evolved to support more agile software development.

Table Of Contents

  • The network is the application: Why APIs are agents of change
  • An application ecosystem for the all-digital era
  • Microservices: How to prepare next-generation cloud applications
  • Legacy application modernization projects: Proceed with caution
  • Digital transformation needs mainframe DevOps
  • How to deploy microservices in a hybrid, multicloud environment

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