Data analysis and business intelligence tutorial

Data analysis and business intelligence tutorial

Everything you need to know about business intelligence and data management, in the UK. This guide includes information on business data usage, data quality and business analytics.

Business intelligence can be beneficial for analysing internal raw data, such as turnover by department or product, and identify inefficient business processes that can be re-engineered to better suit your business needs. However, you have to ensure that your data is clean, trustworthy and of good quality for those who will use it.

This guide has been designed to enable you to maintain a competitive edge, through the analysis of business data and better data management.

This business intelligence tutorial covers data management, data analysis, business data usage and business analytics.

Business intelligence (BI) is an all-encompassing category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing access to data to support enterprise users in making better informed business decisions. Business intelligence applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), data management, statistical analysis, forecasting, data analytics and data mining.

Table of contents:

Data management and business data usage

How to gain value from big data: Webcast
This roundtable discussion asks what is big data, and why does it matter? Chaired by the Editor of SearchDataManagementUK, the group includes a Gartner analyst, a business risk intelligence manager and an audit and assurance group.

'Big data' wades into mainstream
“Big data” is gathering interest beyond high-tech companies. But there is much confusion, a lack of governance and a skills shortage that won’t go away soon.

'Big data' applications bring new database choices , challenges
Andy Hayler details the new choices and challenges that come with big data.

Factors for consideration when choosing an infrastructure for big data
Big data infrastructure is on the rise, so understanding unstructured storage is become ever more important.

Best practices for big data backup
Learn best practices on how to protect your massive data sets, as part of your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Big data: large problems or huge opportunities?
Data volumes are on the increase, so it is important to choose a business intelligence solution that can deal with such growth for a reasonable amount of time - at least five years. A formal focus around data in rows and columns will not provide the flexibility needed for expansion. An industry expert reveals that it’s not just the amount of data that’s the issue, but the type of data that needs analysing.

Buyer's Guide: How to make business intelligence work for your organisation
Included in this buyers guide is a brief history of business intelligence open-source alternatives to proprietary tools and the rising cost of BI; How to pick the best business intelligence system for your company’s data management needs; A BI case study on Cheyne Capital.

Top 13 master data management (MDM) buzzwords and definitions
Learn about the top master data management (MDM) terms and definitions. Find links to MDM training and tutorials and find out how MDM can improve the way your company works with business intelligence technology its data as a whole.

Business intelligence and business analysis

How to secure NoSQL applications
Security is often lacking in NoSQL applications, so Davey Winder provides some best practices to tighten up your security measures.

CEO big data focus good news and bad news
Data management expert Jill Dyché said she sees CEO interest in big data as both an opportunity and a threat.

How BT eliminated BI duplication
Typically, at the top of the CIO’s priority list sits business intelligence technology, as the benefits of BI are well known. However, if several data management strategies have built up, over the years, some may be beginning to overlap. Opting to use business intelligence software from one source, possibly a data warehouse from another, along several databases can cause confusion and duplication. Find out how to keep on top of your business intelligence strategy.

Data management and business process improvement case study: Co-operative Financial Services
When Britannia Building Society and The Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) merged back in August 2009, the CIO of The Co-operative stressed that the two banks needed to be integrated. This would ensure integrated business intelligence solutions and predictive analytics for more inform decision making – in other words turning meaningless data into useful, actionable information.

When data goes bad: how data quality analysis can fix problems
Learn how to improve your data’s quality, so it becomes a benefit to your business. Data quality is complex, but it can be cleaned up through quality data analysis and some business intelligence quick fixes.

British Army's data quality initiative opens new intelligence vista
Read about the British army’s data quality programme and how it improved cost control, data management, overall manpower planning, and laid the grounds for better business intelligence.

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