British Airways launches mobile phone apps


Use your mobile phone as a boarding pass

Use your mobile phone as a boarding pass

BA completely redesigned and improved its existing iPhone app, so passengers can access their boarding pass, log in to their Executive Club account and check tier points and BA miles, as well as access flight details and view future bookings.


British Airways has launched a range of mobile phone apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. The apps allow passengers to check-in from their mobile phone, access up-to-the-minute travel information, and even download a boarding pass to their smartphone.
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Why is this far-behind-the-curve adoption even a thing here? Or anywhere? What brave new technology is next? Taking credit cards...?

There are real issues about using mobile phone boarding passes. Airlines advise a printed boarding pass "just in case". In case of...? Phones turn off when not in use, and then lose the page they were on. Oops, turn the phone on, find the right page, center the CR code so the gate agent can scan it, recenter it, refresh the screen that's just timed out yet again, rescan....  And maybe, just maybe, the phone was held at exactly the right angle and read.

Rather than touting "airline installs seats" or "launches mobile phone apps" someone can get the airlines and the app makers to build an app that works better, loads faster, reads easier. Now that would be a real discussion....
I recently used Mobile boarding pass for Lufthansa for my Germany trip. I used to wonder why do need to take paper printouts or paper based boarding passes when a simple text message or QR code for that matter can serve the purpose. And I'm glad that it happened. 

The only limitation IMO would be the lack of ease of it with passengers who are not much conversant with apps and technology. I have seen many people using smartphones only to send messages and talk..... world needs to get educated for all such time and environment saving facilities.