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Expo Milano 2015 – the exhibition of the world

Source:  computerweekly.com

Every few years the International Exhibitions Bureau stages the Universal Exposition, a showcase of ideas based around a particular theme.

This year the six month exhibition kicked off in May 2015, supporting the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ to encourage “a showcase of the best technologies for a sustainable future.”

Each country is invited to provide a pavilion, representing the country and its ideas and plans on how to use technology in order to guarantee food for everyone whilst also looking after the planet.

More than 140 countries have participated, split into groups that deal with different sub-sections of the theme including Pavilion Zero which looks into the history of food throughout humanity, the Future Food District that looks into how technology can be used to evolve food storage, distribution and consumption and Biodiversity Park showcasing the difference of ecosystems around the world.

Across the 145 pavilions, 20 million visitors and 1.1 million square meters of space, Accenture has been working as a global systems integration partner to keep the fayre up and running.

Accenture has been involved in the development of the event management IT architecture, the Expo Service Delivery Platform, to capture and analyse data from the event, and has provided digital services for visitors to enhance the experience.

The tree pictured is situated within the Expo complex, and is representative of sustainability and lifecycles, beginning plain and blooming to represent growth and prosperity.

The whole set up is constructed to be sustainable and energy efficient and the buildings are designed to be removed and reused after the event finishes at the end of October 2015. 

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