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Expo Milano 2015 – Accenture and agriculture

Source:  computerweekly.com

As part of the Expo Milano 2015 theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ Accenture announced in conjunction with the event how it will be using technology to evolve finance, customer relationship management and supply chain management in the “agribusiness” space.

The increasing introduction of digital has seen businesses forced to adapt and evolve, and agriculture is no exception.

Accenture has launched its “precision agriculture service” and “connected crop solution” to help those across the agriculture supply chain to utilise data produced on farms.

Although many farms already invest in measuring tools such as plant sensors, connected machines and weather stations, many farms and firms still struggle to use collected data to its full potential.

The Precision Agriculture Services is aimed at larger farms, and Accenture hopes that over time, this collected data can be turned into insights, which can then be used to make effective business decisions to make farms more sustainable, productive and profitable.

This can then also lead to certain levels of automation in the future through integrating farm systems with data insights to schedule machinery automatically should it be needed.

Smaller companies can also benefit from the Connected Crop Solution, and those who do not fully understand pest lifecycles or best practices can be advised on how to get the most from a yield where they may otherwise suffer failure due to lack of knowledge or inability to effectively monitor crops.

By giving these small scale farmers, who may be located in remote areas without access to information, the means by which to gain knowledge and insight about crops and products provided by Agro-Input Company Field Agents, they will produce better crops. 

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