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Expo Milano 2015 - Mobile application

Source:  computerweekly.com

Accenture’s Service Delivery Platform, developed specifically to be the “nervous system” of the Expo Milano event, handles the many needs of the official mobile app for Expo 2015, including e-coupons and location management systems.

Accenture also developed and designed the Expo 2015 application, which is available on the App Store and Google Play, and has been downloaded more than 880,000 times.

Visitors to the site can use it to help plan their visit to the exhibition, from ordering tickets before hand to developing a timetable for their time in Milan.

The Expo site and city of Milan have beacons placed in various locations, and can interact with the application through Bluetooth to send push notifications based upon visitor’s personal preferences.

Although preferences are optional, selecting their favourites from 15 presented options will ensure users will gain a personalised experience when using the app, including what is displayed and suggested by the application.

The application puts an emphasis on sharing information to social networks, allowing users to collate their experiences in the park, save and then share their experience via social media platforms. Information that can be shared in this way includes how far the user walked, how many calories they burnt and what pavilions they visited. 

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