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Expo Milano 2015 - Supermarket and kitchen of the future

Source:  computerweekly.com

To coincide with Expo Milano 2015 world fayre, Accenture developed the supermarket of the future in association with Coop to showcase how consumers will interact with products during their future shopping experiences.

The supermarket, which featured interactive screens allowing consumers to find out more about their food and where it comes from, emphasised the importance of social interaction in the future of shopping, and featured displays around the store to depict how customers were shopping.

A kitchen of the future was also featured, displaying how the journey from supermarket to homes would be in the future due to modern technology.

To demonstrate how digital shopping and food consumption will work in the future Accenture designed and displayed the “Digital Lifestyle Experience” featuring an internet of things enabled kitchen, connecting you simultaneously to the supermarket and your home without you having to search the cupboards.

The Digital Lifestyle Experience is a glance into the “near future” where connected devices such as fridges, freezers, ovens and cupboards will use the internet and resident’s smartphones to keep users updated on the contents of their kitchen.

The household will be able to suggest recipes based upon what’s in the kitchen, update the user on what they have, what’s going out of date or what has run out.

The connected kitchen will enable users to order new products using virtual reality technology to be delivered by drone.

An emphasis on social networks can be seen in the future technology presented at the Expo, with the future kitchen connecting to social networks to offer advice on cooking given by friends or allowing the user to share kitchen information on social media.

The connected kitchen also has the capability to integrate with various health and fitness applications to give suggestions based upon consumer’s needs and habits. 

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