Air Traffic Control gallery opens at The National Museum of Computing


Air traffic control at the National Museum of Computing

Nats is the air traffic control system fin the UK handling domestic and international flights.  In 2014 Nats handled 2,200,804 flights, an increase of 2.2% over 2013.The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) has built a gallery showing the history of Nats. It says the new gallery will appeal to a wide cross-section of the public and offer insights into the behind-the-scenes world that supports everyday air travel. TNMOC says  highlights the pervasiveness of computing in the modern world and how much progress has been made in a few decades.

Gary Gibson, engineering general manager Nats, said:"Air traffic control is a fascinating subject and one which we’re sure the public will enjoy learning about and interacting with."

The Nats Air Traffic Control Gallery can be visited by the public on the tours of the museum.

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