MWC 2017: An overview of what's going on at Mobile World Congress


MWC 2017: Hot Mobile World Congress trends

Mobile World Congress was held in the Catalan capital city of Barcelona this February. The show itself might arguably have been called Internet of Things World Congress with so many of the exhibitors focused on technologies for intelligent automotive, connected home, ‘quantified-self’ wearables and the wider Industrial Internet of Things.

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Exciting stuff -- especially on the ad tech front. I'm a big believer in virtual reality as a game changer for ad tech. I believe "game changer" is grossly overused, but in this case, it's justified. Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Facebook, and other tech giants are investing confidently in virtual reality (Add Apple to this list soon). Disney, Ford, Post, Sony, and other global brands are seeing great responses to their VR ads with the impressive young crop of VR ad networks out there like VirtualSky and Immersive. Virtual reality ads are very quickly going to go mainstream and, mark my words, they will be the most popular and ultimately effective ad format in the advertising space one day -- probably sooner rather than later :)