Go Ahead uses Huddle to improve mobility


Go-Ahead transport provider

Source:  Go-Ahead

One of the UK’s leading public transport providers, Go-Ahead provides trains and buses for around a billion passengers every year.

Its rail franchises carry around 30% of passenger in England and almost 25% of all London Buses are operated by Go-Ahead. Go-Ahead was also one of the key transport providers during the London Olympic Games in 2012, The company has around 23,500 employees primarily across the south east of England but was formed in the North East and retains a stronghold there.

The company needs to be able to respond quickly and get buses back on the road or trains out of the depots, while it is also inefficient to have vehicles not in passenger service.

Although the majority of vehicle repair and maintenance is scheduled to take place at set times sometimes engineers are sent out to the site to repair a vehicle in-situ. Additionally, sometimes engineers are able to talk drivers through repairs without the need to send out specialist help.

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