Go Ahead uses Huddle to improve mobility


Why Huddle?

Source:  Go-Ahead

Go-Ahead chose the Huddle collaboration tool because the company felt its audit trail stood out from other competing technologies. Plus the company liked Huddle’s intelligent recommendation engine which ensures that all files relevant to your across the Huddle workspaces are automatically delivered to engineers’ iPads or iPhones.

Enrique Fernandez, IT and Strategy Director at Go-Ahead, said: "With Huddle on iPads, our engineers have all the latest maintenance information at their fingertips so they can rapidly respond to issues and get a bus back on the road or a train out of the depot as quickly as possible. This is vital for Go-Ahead as it’s inefficient to have vehicles – beyond those undergoing planned overhaul and maintenance – out of action. Not least because it impacts on customer satisfaction with overcrowded buses and train carriages.

“Huddle has transformed the way our engineers work, shifting people to a paperless environment that improves safety compliance and ensures everyone is working from the most up-to-date documents available.”

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