Apple OS X Yosemite – How open beta will improve enterprise outlook


Apple’s new operating system

Source:  Apple

At WWDC 2014, Apple announced the new incarnation of the Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite. This will be the company’s 11th operating system, and was released for open beta in July 2014.

Apple has made several moves towards enterprise recently, including a number of open APIs for kits such as HealthKit and AppKit, and its recent applications development partnership with IBM.

But enterprises still find it difficult to adopt Apple devices due to the challenges of finding support after installation.

Apple has made another out-of-character decision in making the new incarnation of the OS open beta, so what is it trying to achieve?

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Dear Press Association.

Since the introduction of the Apple OS X 10.7x operating system, many disabled and non disabled people alike have struggled with the new ultra thin “up/down arrowless” scroll bar. It requires extreme precision of movement, something which many people have complained about on Apple’s own user forums…

I have ataxic cerebral palsy affecting my arm control, and have worked as an assistive technology assessor, so know what a negative impact this will have on many disabled Apple users. Indeed, many similar complaints are coming from non disabled people posting to the Apple user support forums.

I have been in dialogue with a person for over two years and have just had the final blow off from her.

I have also had a letter in: @macusermagazine

This situation is not trivial and is an example of how big companies get so big, they ignore those who pay their wages, even when in potential breech of equality laws.

I urge newspapers to take this story on.

Thank you.
Miss Sarah Jayne Davies MSc

twiiter: @Sjd_22