Computer Weekly@50: What happened in IT in March over the years


CW@50: What was making the news in March?


We search back through the Computer Weekly archives held at The National Museum of Computing to present what was happening in IT over the last five decades.

Among the articles we highlight in March editions of Computer Weekly are:

  • A simulation in 1967 of the moon landing to prepeare for Apollo 11.
  • In 1972, MSI Computers introduced a UK POS, which recorded the right price based to the number of each item purchased or its weight.
  • A prediction that new risk capital and joint ventures would create a flourishing robot manufacturing industry in the UK within the next few years
  • How South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive’s deployed radio data transmission in 1982  to keep buses on schedule

The National Museum of Computing has also provided us with full hi-res scans of the pages in this gallery. You can read all the articles featured by downloading this PDF >>

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