CW@50: News in July


Computer Weekly@50: What was happening in July

Source:  TNMOC

The National Museum of Computing has again been looking into Computer Weekly’s 50 years of magazine issues for another selection of articles highlighting significant articles published in the month of July over the last few decades.

In this month’s selection we have an articles cover the July 1969 launch of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong’s “one small step.” We also look at the start of a banking revolution – imagine being able to go into any branch and find out there and then how much money is in your account. Anglian Building Society switched on its online banking system connecting up its branches. Plus we cover a connected system for traffic control in Paris, which looks suspiciously like a smart city implementation from 1967.

The National Museum of Computing has also provided us with full hi-res scans of the pages in this gallery. You can read all the articles featured by downloading this PDF >>

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