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CW@50 - 20 July 1967: Taming the traffic of Paris

Source:  TNMOC

Data on vehicle movement in Paris arriving on French SFIM-supplied equipment at the technical headquarters of Paris police, is processed on a GE 425 computer, thought to be the biggest machine used by police in the world and the largest 425 in existence.

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Sure, anything anywhere that can help move our plug of traffic efficiently. OTOH, I'd suspect that this will likely be little more than a stopgap approach. By the time auto-cars (yeah, I know that's redundant, but still...) is fully implemented, cars will communicate with other cars and the roads will be a steady flow of traffic. At least that's my Nostradamus moment.
I'm just waiting for a car like George Jetson that lets me fly to work. As technology grows, so does the tasks of managing it properly. It will be very interesting in the next few years when autonomus cars become more common.