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Computer Weekly@50: What was happening in IT in June over the years


CW@50: News in June

Source:  TNMOC

The National Museum of Computing has trawled the Computer Weekly archives for another selection of articles highlighting significant articles published in the month of June over the last few decades.

In this month’s selection we have an article which shows the very beginnings of the UK internet when UK universities connected to the Arpanet in the US. Our regular feature on vintage computers looks at Hollerith’s Electronic Computer, which eventually led to the UK’s first major computer manufacturer, ICL. And we reveal the huge investment in IT that UK aero engine manufactuer Rolls Royce made in 1967.

The National Museum of Computing has also provided us with full hi-res scans of the pages in this gallery. You can read all the articles featured by downloading this PDF >>

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Ah, back to the heady days of punch cards and rotary phones and the tappity-tap-tap of IBM Selectrics. We've come so astonishingly far in such an incredibly short time that a retrospective like this is a great blend of nostalgia and laughter. Keep 'em coming. reading about the visionaries and understanding their goals is always beneficial, even if it doesn't make many of us feel young.