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June 3, 1976: The punchcard is alive and well

Source:  TNMOC

The vast majority of cards in the UK are, of course, of the 80 column variety, and there surely cannot be many computer installations of any size which do not have at least one 80 column card punch machine located somewhere in the organisation.

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Ahhh.. punchcards.. Bring back memories... Split the program card deck, insert the data cards and load into the card reader. Let the job run and get new punchcard output for the next step. Keep repeating until the process was done.  Today it would be a recycling nightmare. A lot of the data cards were a one time use. And on occasion a card may get damaged. In some cases the input would involve multiple trays of input and they would have to be sorted before using. This would be a time consuming process.
The up side was when you emptied the card punch machines, you had free confetti for New Years.