CW@50: News in August


CW@50: What was happening in August

Source:  TNMOC

The National Museum of Computing has again been looking into Computer Weekly’s 50 years of magazine issues for another selection of articles highlighting significant articles published in the month of August over the last few decades.

This month we look back at what happened after the formation of ICL from English Electric and Elliot Automation. We cover the big news of the day – as a service general purpose computing, aka time-sharing, comes to the UK and explore how the McLaren racing car team used a Data General Nova 2 computer to process telemetry data in preparation for the Indianapolis 500, which it failed to complete. The retirement of the car from the race apparently had nothing to do with telemetry, but was down to a heavy rainstorm – which the telemetry system clearly was not monitoring.

The National Museum of Computing has also provided us with full hi-res scans of the pages in this gallery. You can read all the articles featured by downloading this PDF >>

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